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Battling Tigers



There is a truism that states your income can only grow to the extent you do.  Therefore, personal development is critical to personal financial growth and the growth of your business.

I want to introduce you a concept I call The Battling Tigers.  Within each of us, a fight is raging.  It is one that occurs within everyone; however, no one talks about it, leaving us all believing we are the only ones that experience it.  There are two tigers fighting over your life.   One wants you to advance, one wants to pull you back.  One fights from fear, the other from passion.  One is defensive, blaming of others, protective of where it is; the other is generous, courageous enough to move beyond its territory.  I can tell you which one will win.  Do you want to know?… The one you feed!

Do you spend time “justifying” the decisions you make; do you blame others; are you too afraid to ask for the sale, to learn the skills that you know are lacking, to ask for help when it’s needed.  Or do you examine your decisions; do you always look for the lessons from each experience; do you take chances; do you support yourself with your thoughts and beliefs?

You have one controllable variable and that is you.  Are you working on yourself daily?  You have created a 90 day plan?  Are you following it?  Are you exploring how you can make those plans real?  Here are some tips to help:

1)      In the morning, ask yourself, “What can I do today to move closer to my clearly defined goals?”  Note that the question has within it an assumption that you have clearly defined goals.

2)      At night, ask yourself, “Did I do everything I could today to move closer to my clearly defined goals?”

3)      Make note of the successes you have every day.

4)      Celebrate your successes; even verge on bragging about them – especially when you have tried something new.  It doesn’t even matter if the new thing worked.  Congratulate yourself on having tried.

5)      Share these with someone else who will congratulate you and celebrate with you.

6)      Focus on the “must haves” not the “nice to haves”

Which tiger will you choose to feed?

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