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Make Room for New Customers

Are you looking for new customers, but they just aren’t coming in the door… try using what we call in the business coaching world “The Law of a Vacuum!!”, and see what happens.

To describe what the Law of a Vacuum is, have you ever moved into a bigger house with a bigger garage, bigger basement, more cupboard space, more storage space… what happens? Those new spaces that you didn’t have enough ‘stuff’ to fill when you first moved in somehow fill up.

Have you ever cleaned out your closet only to find 6 months later that your closet is full again?

Those empty spaces you created with the new house, or cleaned out spaces are a Vacuum. In nature, everything grows to fill the available space.

Do you want new customers?

If you want new customers, what do you think you should do? Ask yourself this, “Do I have room in my business for new customers?” If the answer is, “No” …

Make room for new customers…

  • Go out today and buy new files and a new filing cabinet.
  • Create more files & folders in your computer systems to accommodate new customers.
  • Block out portions of time in your calendar for your new customers’ appointments.
  • Get rid of some customers you no longer want.
  • Make room for new customers wherever possible.

What if you wanted to expand your team…

  • New desk(s), phone(s), etc.
  • New computer(s), office supplies
  • New company uniform(s), company t-shirts, nametags, etc.

So, create the Vacuum in your business, and watch nature fill it.

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