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Mindset for Success: Life Long Learning

There are several Critical Victory Factors (CVF’s) that will help business owners achieve success.  One of the key Factors is the Success Mindset. One defining feature of the mindset of successful business people is that of being a life long learner.  By beginning with a commitment to continual learning, you will quickly develop all the other Critical Victory Factors.


A system that can help you integrate ongoing learning into your business practices is called 30/10.  It is an approach that works systematically and helps you integrate new information and skills rapidly with minimal and controlled time commitments.

In this approach, you block off 30 minutes everyday to read, research, listen to audio programs or even attend seminars.  You then spend 10 minutes thinking about how you will apply what you have learned.  If you commit to this, you will be nothing short of stunned by the amount you have learned within one year.

A helpful addition to this system is called 10/24/7.  If you review what you have learned 10 minutes after you have learned it, then again within 24 hours and then again within 7 days, it will be locked.

So remember these numbers: 30/10 and 10/24/7.  They can literally change your life.



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